Facts You Never Knew About Science Experiments

Huge thanks again to Nihilism for having me out here-today I’m going to kick it back over to him right now so thank you all for watching and I hope you all enjoy thereat of your evenings if you guys ended up enjoying that don’t forget to checkout trophies channel which is linked down below in the description as well as dry bones who submitted the game play and if you’d like to submit your nameplate.

For this series or just in general you can do so over on under watch comm slash submit game play thanks lot for watching guys and I’ll see you rancher and welcome back to the ranch I just fed Thomas he is being a little but let me tell you he is just bouncing all over the place when I logged introductory over here Quinton rather excuse me Quinton the quantum slime he did not have his monocle on I don’t know what told you it was casual Friday sir it is Sunday all right you can’t be doing casual Friday on Sunday.

But I get it you want to take a little bit of rest that’s fine keep that monocle on all right meeting needs to be there all right Johns we had a great episode last time we definitely got some stuff done y’all gave me some great tips and so one of the first things that we’re going to redoing we are going to be on the search for the master apiary because we really really want to be getting a whole lot of the high level ingredients for the slime science that’s something that we really need to work on because as soon as we can get back we can actually start getting a whole bunch of the ingredients that we need specifically for decorations and that’s something that a lot of y’all out there have wanted to see.